Dr. Lisa Karabelnik Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist
 Dr. Lisa KarabelnikAdult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Fees and Services

Dr. Karabelnik is an "out-of-network" provider. She will happily provide receipts for insurance as needed. Please contact your insurance company for details.

Fees for treatment vary depend on time and modality. Payment is due at time of the visit. Dr. Karabelnik accepts check, cash, most major credit cards and Health Savings Account "flex account" cards. We do not bill for contact outside sessions via email, text or phone unless this contact exceeds 15 minutes.  Please be aware that most insurance carriers do not reimburse for phone sessions.

Speaking with your Insurance Carrier
•Ask about whether or not there are "out-of-network" benefits and if so, how much is reimbursed.
•Ask about any deductibles that must be met before these benefits are active.
•Ask if a referral or prior authorization is required and if there are limits on the number of therapy visits in a given time period.
•Ask how to submit claims for reimbursement (typically this is done online or by mail after the provider gives the patient a receipt that includes all relevant diagnostic and service codes).
Codes commonly used in our visits include especially those in bold:
90792 – Initial evaluation
99205 + 90836- Initial evaluation with significant therapeutic/psychoeducational component

Medication check codes
99212 – Medication check, straightforward
99213 – Medication check, low complexity
99214 – Medication check, medium complexity
99215 – Medication check, high complexity

“add-on” codes that are usually used in conjunction with the above medication check codes:
90833 – plus psychotherapy, 16-37 mins
90836 – plus psychotherapy, 38-52 mins

90838 – plus psychotherapy, >52 mins

Psychotherapy codes
90832 – Psychotherapy (no medication), 16-37 mins
90834 – Psychotherapy (no medication), 38-52 mins
90837 – Psychotherapy (no medication), > 52 mins
90846 – Family psychotherapy, patient not present

90847 – Family psychotherapy
90853 – Group psychotherapy

90849 – Multi-family group psychotherapy

Cancellation/No Show Policy
Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment. Visits cancelled after that or no-shows will be billed at the full fee. Note that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments. We understand that emergencies do happen, however, and this fee can be waived at the clinician's discretion for these infrequent circumstances. Also note that if you arrive late to your appointment, we cannot guarantee we will have extra time available beyond the designated appointment slot and you will be billed for the scheduled time.
Please be aware that if you have missed your appointment, you will need to contact the office to reschedule.  If the time since your last appointment exceeds 90 days, there is a possiblity that your chart will be closed.  

Deciding to see an out-of-network provider
Dr. Karabelnik does not work directly with insurance companies because she wants to be able to provide the type of comprehensive care she believes is necessary for meaningful improvement rather than have an insurance company impose their standards. This allows her to spend more time with patients and families during the assessment phase and throughout the course of treatment rather than trying to see as many patients as possible for brief appointments. Organizations such as the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, are actively advocating for private insurers and Medicare/Medicaid to improve access to and reimbursement for mental health services. She is happy to work with you to optimize insurance reimbursement if you do have out-of-network benefits. In addition, if there is reason to believe an insurance company is not authorizing appropriate care, she will do her best to help you in filing complaints with the appropriate entities or in seeking authorization through appeals.